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Microsoft Word 2008

Creating a Table from Existing Text

The Convert Text to Table feature allows you to create a table from existing text. You specify how columns are defined based on separators (i.e., recurring symbols or breaks) in your text. For example, if strings of text are separated by commas, each such string would be converted into a separate column. Paragraphs generally indicate rows.

EXAMPLE: Text strings separated by commas
Comma separated text

EXAMPLE: Above text converted to a table
Table from comma separated text

To create a table from existing text:

  1. Select the text to be converted to a table 

  2. On the Command bar, from the Table pull-down menu, select Convert » Convert Text to Table...
    The Convert Text to Table dialog box appears.
    Convert Text to Table dialog box

  3. Under Separate text at, select where you want Word to divide your text into table cells
    If you select Paragraphs, the text between each paragraph break will be given its own row in a single column table.
    If you select Tabs, the text between each tab will be given its own column.
    If you select Commas, the text between each comma will be given its own column.
    If you select Other, and type a particular symbol in the corresponding box, the text between each instance of that symbol will be given its own column.
    NOTE: As you change the Separate text at setting, you will see the Table size settings change. This occurs because the table specifications are changing.

  4. Under Table size, review the number of columns
    Since Word automatically updates the Table Size based on your Separate text at selection, you will want to double-check the number of columns and see if it is correct for your table. If it appears incorrect, return to your text and review the placement and occurrences of the separators.
    The number of rows is automatically determined by the selected text and Separate text at setting. This setting is grayed out and cannot be changed.

  5. Click OK
    The selected text is converted to a table.

  6. OPTIONAL: Adjust the table's appearance to your project's specifications
    HINT: For more information working with tables, refer to Table Options or Resizing Table Elements.

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