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Microsoft Word 2007/2008

Adding Line Numbers

Line numbers can be helpful when referencing specific locations in a document. These instructions explain how to add line numbering to your Word document. You can add line numbering to the entire document or individual sections.

  1. Place the insertion point within the document to which you want to add line numbering
    HINT: To add numbering to only one section of a document, place the insertion point within the desired section.

  2. Windows: From the Page Layout command tab, in the Page Setup group, click PAGE SETUPPage Setup button
    The Page Setup dialog box appears.
    Macintosh: From the Format menu, select Document...
    The Document dialog box appears.

  3. Select the Layout tab

  4. Click LINE NUMBERS...
    The Line Numbers dialog box appears.
    Line Numbers dialog box

  5. Select Add line numbering
    NOTE: An item is selected when a checkmark appears in the box

  6. To start line numbering at a number other than one, in the Start at text box, use the nudge buttons to select or type a starting number

  7. To adjust the amount of spacing between line numbers and text, in the From text text box, use the nudge buttons to select or type (in inches) a spacing value

  8. To number every nth line, in the Count by text box, use the nudge buttons to select or type a number by which to count
    EXAMPLE: To number every fifth line, in the Count by text box, type 5

  9. To restart numbering on each page, select Restart each page
    To restart numbering in each section, select Restart each section
    To use continuous numbering, select Continuous

  10. Click OK

  11. Click OK
    The lines numbers are added.

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