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Microsoft Word 2007/2008

Labels: An Overview

Labels can be used in a variety of ways to make work easier, as long as certain considerations are kept in mind during their creation. Applying labels to envelopes, file folders, and name badges can save time and make organizing your work easier.

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Options for Creating Labels

Word offers three ways of creating labels:

Access to Envelopes and Labels Feature

The Envelopes and Labels feature is central to the label program and will be accessed often.

The Envelopes and Labels feature can be accessed from the Mailings command tab in the Create group. If this is a feature you will be using often, it may make your work more efficient to add a button to the Quick Access toolbar, allowing access to the Envelopes and Labels dialog box. For instructions on how to add the button to your Quick Access toolbar, refer to Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar.
Lables button

The Labels feature can be accessed from the Tools menu on the Command bar.

Purchasing Your Labels

Customized sizes, colors, and shapes of labels are available for almost every need. To ensure good quality when purchasing labels that you will be printing with your printer, make sure that they are designed for the type of printer (laser, inkjet, or dot matrix) you have.

Tips for Printing Your Labels

While your printer may be capable of printing labels, problems may still occur. For example, labels can peel off during the printing process and stick to various parts of the printer, causing printing problems with other projects. The following tips can help reduce these problems:

return to topUsing Pre-defined Label Sizes

Word offers many pre-defined label sizes and styles to choose from, eliminating the need to manually format the sizes and styles. The Label Options dialog box, accessed through the Envelopes and Labels dialog box, allows you to select from various label brands and product numbers. It is almost certain that Word has a pre-defined layout for your label.

When creating labels, always verify that the label size or style is the one you want, using the information provided in the Label Options dialog box.
Label Options dialog box

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