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Microsoft Word 2008

The Formatting Palette

Formatting PaletteThe Formatting Palette allows you to format your document in areas of font, styles, alignment and spelling, bullets and numbering, borders and shadowing, document margins, and document theme. This document describes each of the main sections of this palette.

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The Font toolbar allows you to edit aspects of the text in your document, as well as add customizations.

Font menu

Name Image Description
Font style pull-down menu Font pull-down menu Selects text font
Font size pull-down menu Font size pull-down menu Selects text size from pull-down menu
Font size slider Size slider Selects text size using slider
Bold Bold button Applies boldface to text
Italic Italics button Applies italics to text
Underline Underline button Applies underline to text
Strikethrough Strikethrough button Applies strikethrough
Font color pull-down menu Font color button Selects text color
Highlight Highlight button Adds highlighting to text
Superscript Superscript button Creates superscript text
Subscript Subscript button Creates subscript text
Small caps Small caps button Applies small caps
All caps All caps button Applies all caps


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The Style toolbar allows you to add preformatted styles to your text, create your own style, as well as clear any formatting.

Styles menu

Name Image Description
Style display Text style box Allows you to select text with similar formatting, and displays the style of the selected text
New style New style button Allows you to create your own style and save it
Select all Select all button Selects all text with similar formatting to the text already selected
Style List Style menu Allows you to choose from pre-made styles including Heading 1, Heading 2, Bulleted list, and No spacing. The Clear Formatting option removes any style that has been applied to the selected text. Each option on the Style List has pull-down menu with the following options: select all, modify style, delete, update to match selection.
Style List pull-down menu Style list From this menu you can choose between Available Styles and All Styles. This will affect what styles are present on the Style List.


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The Alignment and Spacing toolbar allows you to designate the horizontal and vertical alignment, text orientation, paragraph spacing, and indentation.

Alignment and spelling menu

Name Image Description
Horizontal alignment Horizontal alignment buttons Sets the horizontal alignment for the text at left, center, right, or justified
Vertical alignment Vertical alignment buttons Sets the vertical alignment for the text at top, center, or bottom
Text orientation Text orientation buttons Sets the text direction to portrait, or landscape
Paragraph spacing pull-down menus Paragraph spacing pull-down menus Sets the spacing before and after paragraphs
Indentation text boxes Indentation pull-down menus Sets left, right, and first line paragraph indentations


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The Bullets and Numbering toolbar allows you to add bullets or numbering, adjust indents, customize bullets and numbering, and designate what number or letter a list starts on.

Bullets and numbering menu

Name Image Description
Bullet type Bullet type button Chooses between bullets or numbering
Indent adjustment Increase and decrease indent button Allows you to increase or decrease the depth of indentation
Style pull-down menu Bullet style pull-down menu Allows you to select different types of bullets or numbering
EXAMPLE: Roman numerals.
Start pull-down menu Start pull-down menu Designates the number or letter that the list will start from


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The Borders and Shading toolbar allows you to edit a border in terms of type, style, color, size, shading, and shading pattern.

Borders and shading menu

Name Image Description
Border type Border type button Selects type of border:
Border style Border style pull-down menu Selects border style
Border color Border color pull-down menu Select border color
Border weight Border weight pull-down menu Applies border size
Shading pattern pull-down menu Pattern pull-down menu Selects the degree of shading applied
Pattern color pull-down menu Color pull-down menu Selects the color of the pattern
Fill color pull-down menu Fill color pull-down menu Selects the color of the shading


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The Document Margins toolbar allows you to designate the left, right, top, bottom, header, and footer margins.

Document margins menu

Name Image Description
Left margin text box Left margin box Sets the left margin
Right margin text box Right margin box Sets the right margin
Top margin text box Top margin box Sets the top margin
Bottom margin text box Bottom margin box Sets the bottom margin
Header margin text box Header margin box Sets the header margin
Footer margin text box Footer margin box Sets the footer margin


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The Document Theme toolbar allows you to choose a preset theme for your document, or create and save your own theme.

Document theme menu

Name Image Description
Theme list Theme list Allows you to select a preformatted theme
Color scheme pull-down menu Color scheme pull-down menu Allows you to select a color scheme
Font scheme pull-down menu Font scheme pull-down menu Allows you to select a font scheme
Browse button Browse button Opens the browse dialog box
Save theme button Save theme button Saves your custom settings as a new theme


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