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Microsoft Word 2008

Mail Merge: Creating Merged Mailing Labels

Mail Merge allows you to set up mailing labels that use the same format with information from a variety of records. Using data from a table or external database, you can print one label with different information for each record in the database or table. The following instructions describe how to merge a pre-existing database's values into address labels with the Mail Merge Manager.

Begin the process of creating mail merge labels by setting up your starting document. When creating labels, you have many options. You can choose the label size, text font, positioning of the information, etc., to suit the needs of your particular project.

  1. From the Tools menu, select Mail Merge Manager
    The Mail Merge Manager palette appears.

  2. In the Select Document Type section, from the Create New pull-down menu, select Labels...
    The Label Options dialog box appears.
    Label Options dialog box

  3. From the Label products pull-down menu, select the brand name of your labels
    NOTE: The most common brand is Avery standard.

  4. From the Product number scroll box, select the product number of your labels
    NOTE: The most common is 5160-Address.

  5. Click OK

  6. In the Select Recipients List section, from the Get List pull-down menu, select Open Data Source...
    The Choose a Data file dialog box appears.

  7. Navigate to and select the appropriate file

  8. Click OPEN
    The Edit Labels dialog box appears.
    Edit Labels dialog box

  9. Using the Insert Merge Field pull-down menu, select the desired fields

  10. Click OK

  11. In the Preview Results section, click VIEW MERGED DATAView Merged Data button

  12. OPTIONAL: To preview your document with other recipients' information, in the Preview Results section, click the arrows

  13. To finish and print letters
    1. In the Complete Merge section, from the pull-down menu, select the appropriate option to designate which records to finish
    2. Click MERGE TO PRINTERMerge to Printer button
      Click MERGE TO DOCUMENTMerge to Document button

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