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Microsoft Word 2008

Working with the Equation Editor

While creating your Word document, you may need to use mathematical expressions such as equations, formulas, summations, complex fractions, or nonstandard symbols. With a proper understanding of the Equation Editor you will be better equipped to create such expressions. This document explains how to access the Equation Editor, and provides a brief overview of the editor itself.

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The Equation Editor appears as a dialog box in which you can create equations.

  1. Place the insertion point in the location you want to insert an equation

  2. From the Insert menu, select Object...
    The Object dialog box appears.

  3. Select Microsoft Equation

  4. Click OK
    The Equation Editor dialog box appears.

return to topThe Equation Editor

The Equation Editor dialog box consists of three main parts: the Symbols toolbar, the Templates toolbar, and the text box.
HINT: To view a definition of each button, hover the cursor over it. A definition will appear in the bottom left corner.
Equation Editor dialog box

Mathematical symbols toolbar
Provides you with access to an array of mathematical symbols for use in the creation of equations.

Mathematical templates toolbar
Provides you with access to an array of mathematical templates for use in the creation of equations, including fractions, summations, and matrices.

Equation text box
The text box allows you to formulate your equation to be entered into your document.

return to topUsing the Equation Editor

Once you have accessed the Equation Editor, you can create your equation and then insert it into your document.

  1. Access the Equation Editor

  2. To insert a symbol, from the Mathematical symbols toolbar, select the desired symbol(s)

  3. To insert a template
    1. From the Mathematical templates toolbar, select the desired template(s)
    2. Within the outline text boxes, type the appropriate information

  4. Repeat steps 2-3 as needed to complete your equation

  5. Close the Equation Editor
    Your equation is inserted into your document.

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