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Microsoft Word 2008

Generating a Table of Contents

To simplify your document production process, Microsoft Word 2008 automates the generation of a table of contents (TOC). This feature allows you to easily and efficiently generate and update a table of contents. This document will guide you through the following:

return to topPreparing for a Table of Contents

Before Word can create the table of contents (TOC), you must decide which text will be included and how it should appear. To indicate which text should be included, you should designate the text using the headings option.

You can designate which text will be included in the table of contents, as well as how they are arranged. For example, a page title might be labeled Heading 1, and the subtopics that fall below it might be labeled Heading 2. When the table of contents is generated, its style will reflect the differences in your Heading designations.

For additional information on styles, refer to Using Word Styles.

Preparing for a Table of Contents: Using Heading Styles

  1. Place your insertion point within the text that you want to include in the TOC

  2. On the Formatting Palette, in the Styles section, from the Pick style to apply scroll list, select the desired heading
    NOTE: The arrow next to the sections on the Formatting Palette indicate whether it is minimized (not shown) or maximized (shown). An arrow pointing downPallet arrow pointing downindicates the section is maximized, and an arrow pointing to the rightPallet arrow pointing rightindicates the section is minimized.
    Formatting Palette: Styles section

  3. Repeat steps 1-2 as necessary for each item you want to include in the TOC

return to topInserting a Table of Contents

After you have prepared a document, you can insert a table of contents (TOC) with two different methods. The quickest way to insert a TOC is by using the Elements Gallery. If you want more options to work with, use the Index and Tables dialog box.

Element Gallery: Document Elements

  1. From the View menu, select Print Layout

  2. From the Elements Gallery, select the Document Elements tab » select Table of Contents
    Document Elements

  3. Under Insert a Table of Contents, select Heading Styles

  4. Place your insertion point where the TOC should appear

  5. From the Elements Gallery, select the desired TOC style
    The TOC is generated and appears in your document.

Index and Tables Dialog Box

  1. Place your insertion point where the TOC should appear

  2. From the Insert menu, select Index and Tables...
    The Index and Tables dialog box appears.

  3. Select the Table of Contents tab
    Index and Tables dialog box

  4. From the Formats list, select the desired style for the TOC
    Your selection appears in the Preview scroll list.
    Once a formatting style is selected, you cannot modify it unless From template is selected.

  5. Click OPTIONS...
    The Table of Contents Options dialog box appears with the available styles listed on the left, and the corresponding TOC levels on the right.

  6. To include a heading in the TOC, in the TOC level text box for the appropriate style, type the TOC level at which the style should be included

  7. Click OK

  8. OPTIONAL: To change the formatting of a level within the TOC when using the From template format,
    1. Click MODIFY...
      The Style dialog box appears.
    2. From the Styles scroll list, select the level that you want to modify
    3. Click MODIFY...
      The Modify Style dialog box appears.
    4. Make the desired formatting changes
    5. Select Automatically update
      The option is selected if a checkmark appears.
    6. Click OK
      You are returned to the Style dialog box.
    7. To make additional changes to other levels, repeat steps b-f
    8. Click APPLY
      You are returned to the Index and Tables dialog box.

  9. Click OK
    The TOC is generated and appears in your document.

return to topUpdating a Table of Contents

After you have worked on a document which contains a table of contents (TOC), you have the option of updating the TOC to reflect the changes you have made. You can make formatting changes (e.g., text size, color) to the TOC as you would to ordinary text. For more information on formatting text, refer to Working with Text Options.

  1. Press [ctrl] and click to the left of the TOC
    A quick menu appears.

  2. Select Update Field
    The Update Table of Contents dialog box appears.

  3. If only page numbers have changed in the document, select Update page numbers only
    If headings have changed, select Update entire table

  4. Click OK

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