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Microsoft Word 2008

Working with AutoText

An AutoText entry is composed of an abbreviation and an associated phrase. This is an excellent way to reduce the number of keystrokes for frequently used phrases such as your name, department name, the University's address, and a signature block on a letter. AutoText entries can include both text and graphics. AutoText allows you to retain the formatting (e.g., font, size, justification) used when you created the entry or match the entry to the current document's formatting. Once an entry is created, it can be used throughout the current document and other documents associated with the same template.

In addition to the entries you create, Word's AutoText entries include some standard entries to be used as they are or reformatted to your specifications. 

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Word allows you to create an AutoText entry by using the dialog box. The dialog box allows you to edit or modify your AutoText option entry.

  1. In your Word document, type the desired phrase and/or insert the graphic

  2. Select the phrase and/or graphic

  3. From the Insert menu, select AutoText » AutoText...
    The AutoCorrect dialog box appears.
    AutoCorrect dialog box: AutoText tab

  4. Verify that the AutoText tab is selected

  5. In the Enter AutoText entries here: text box, type the word or phrase you want to make an entry.
    NOTE: If you selected the word or phrase, it should automatically appear in the Enter Autotext entries here: text box.

  6. Click ADD
    The AutoText entry is created.

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Once your AutoText entry has been created, you will be prompted to use it when you begin typing the first letters of the entry.

  1. In your Word document, begin typing the desired phrase
    A bubble with the desired AutoText entry appears above the cursor.

  2. Press [Enter]
    The AutoText entry appears in the document.

return to topDeleting an AutoText Entry

If you wish to delete some or all of your AutoText entries, use the following steps:

  1. From the Insert menu, select Autotext » Autotext...
    The AutoCorrect dialog box appears.

  2. Verify that the AutoText tab is selected
    AutoCorrect dialog box

  3. From the scroll list of AutoText entries, select the one you want to delete
    The AutoText will appear in the Enter AutoText entries here: text box.

  4. Click DELETE

  5. Click OK

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