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Microsoft Word 2008

AutoCorrect: AutoFormat

AutoFormat applies specific formats to your document. Each format has a particular function and is cued by signifier text in your document. When you apply AutoFormat, each option you have selected will take effect where signifier text has been placed.

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When using AutoFormat you can choose what options you want applied to your document.

AutoFormat Options dialog box

Name Description
Headings Applies heading 1 through heading 9 styles to headings
Automatic bulleted lists Applies bullet list formatting if you type an asterisk, >, or hyphen followed by a space or tab at the beginning of a paragraph
Lists Applies numbered list formatting if you type a number followed by a space or tab at the beginning of a paragraph
Other paragraphs Applies styles other than for headings and lists (e.g., body text)
Straight quotes with smart quotes Replaces straight quotation marks with smart quotation marks; smart quotation marks curl to indicate their position at the beginning or the end of the quoted text
Ordinals with superscript Replaces ordinals (1st, 2nd, 3rd) with superscript character
Fractions with fraction character Replaces fractions (1/4, 1/2, 2/3) with fraction character
Symbol characters with symbols Replaces hyphen (-) with an en-dash (–), and replaces two hyphens (--) with an em-dash (—)
Bold and italic with real formatting Applies bold to words enclosed in asterisks, and applies italic to words enclosed in underscore characters
Internet paths with hyperlinks Formats internet paths as hyperlinks
Spaces at beginning of paragraph with first-line indent Converts two or more typed spaces at the beginning of a paragraph to a first-line indent
Styles Retains the styles you have already applied in your document


return to topCustomizing AutoFormat Options

  1. From the Format menu, select AutoFormat...
    The AutoFormat dialog box appears.
    AutoFormat dialog box

  2. Click OPTIONS...
    The AutoFormat Options dialog box appears.
    AutoFormat Options dialog box

  3. Select/deselect the desired options

  4. Click OK
    You are returned to the AutoFormat dialog box.

  5. Click OK
    The AutoFormat options are applied and you are returned to your document.

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