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Microsoft Word 2004

Working with Spell Check

Word 2004 allows you to modify Spell Check by adding or deleting words from the dictionary. Adding or deleting words from the dictionary can help Spell Check recognize or ignore words that would otherwise be noted as misspelled.

NOTE: Grammar can be checked simultaneously with spelling. For information on checking grammar, refer to Working with Grammar Check.

return to topActivating Automatic Spell Check

By default, Spell Check is automatically on whenever Word is open. Spell Check may be turned off by setting the preferences. When this feature is off, Spell Check will not check your document while you type. You can easily turn this feature on through the Preferences dialog box. You can also spell check a document after you are finished typing. 

  1. From the Word menu, select Preferences...
    The Preferences dialog box appears.

  2. From the list on the left, select Spelling and Grammar

  3. Under Spelling, select Check spelling as you type

  4. Click OK
    Misspelled words will appear with a red underline.
    NOTE: This feature marks spelling errors; it does not correct them.

return to topModifying Text in a Dictionary

Modifying text in a dictionary can be useful so that terms and names that Spell Check does not recognize are not marked as being misspelled. In order to remove or add text from a dictionary, you must first open the dictionary from the Custom Dictionary dialog box. Removing or adding text from your dictionary is useful and easy. You are allowed to save your changes so you can close Word and return later using the changes you made.

NOTE: Modifying a dictionary causes Check spelling as you type to be turned off. If you use automatic spell check, you will need to turn it back on after modifying a dictionary.

  1. From the Word menu, select Preferences...
    The Preferences dialog box appears.

  2. From the list on the left, select Spelling and Grammar

  3. Under Spelling, click DICTIONARIES...
    The Custom Dictionaries dialog box appears.

  4. From the Custom Dictionaries scroll list, select the dictionary you want to modify
    NOTE: A selected dictionary has a checked box next to it.

  5. Click EDIT
    The Custom Dictionary window opens.
    HINT: If a confirmation dialog box appears, click YES.

  6. To add words to the dictionary,
    1. Type the entry you wish to add to the dictionary
    2. Press [return]

  7. To delete words from the dictionary,
    1. Select the word(s) that you want deleted
    2. Click DELETE

  8. Click SAVESave button
    HINT: If a confirmation dialog box appears, click YES.

  9. Close the Custom Dictionary window

  10. OPTIONAL: Re-activate automatic spell check

return to topCorrecting Misspelled Text

When the dictionary recognizes a word as misspelled, it will underline the word with a red wavy line. Word allows you to correct your misspelled text through the Quick menu or through a dialog box. For words that are often misspelled or mistyped, you may use AutoCorrect to automatically correct the mistakes as they are typed. 

NOTE: For information on correcting grammar, refer to Working with Grammar Check.

Correcting Misspelled Text: Quick Menu Option

Using the Quick menu to modify misspelled text is very easy and allows you to manage your misspelled word(s) quickly.

  1. Press [control] and click the misspelled word » select the appropriate Quick menu option

    Quick Menu Option
    Spelling Suggestions (e.g., UWEC, Use, Owe, Ewe, Awe) Gives word choices as spelling suggestions to correct the misspelled word.
    Ignore All Tells Spell Check to ignore that word and every other instance of that word. 
    Add Adds the word into the dictionary.
    AutoCorrect Shows a submenu that provides word choices to set the automatic correction of  the misspelled word. 
    Spelling... Opens the Spelling dialog box where you can make changes to the misspelled word

Correcting Misspelled Text: Dialog Box Option

Using the dialog box is a little more time consuming, but can give you more options for changing the misspelled word. 

  1. From the Tools menu, select Spelling and Grammar...
    Click SPELLING AND GRAMMARSpelling and Grammar button
    Press [F7]
    The Spelling and Grammar dialog box appears.
    Spelling and Grammar dialog box

  2. Make the desired selection
    NOTE: The options for the dialog box include all the options from the Quick menu plus the options described in the following table.
    Dialog Box Option
    Change Changes the word to the selected suggestion.
    Change All Changes all identical misspellings to the selected suggestion.
    AutoCorrect Changes the word in the current document and continues to make corrections in subsequent documents as you type them.
  3. When the check is finished, in the dialog box that appears, click OK

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