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Microsoft Word 2003/2004

Summary of Word Fields

In Word, many fields are available for insertion into a document. Although not every field is summarized here, the most commonly-used fields are listed below. All of the fields listed in this document can be inserted in a similar manner. For more information, refer to Inserting Fields.

return to topDate and Time

The following fields insert date and time information.

Field Name Inserts...
CreateDate The date the document was created
Date Today's date
EditTime The total document editing time
PrintDate The date the document was last printed
SaveDate The date the document was last saved
Time The current time

return to topDocument Information

The following fields insert general information about the document and data gathered from Summary information. For information on creating or editing a document summary, refer to Viewing or Editing Summary Information.

Field Name Inserts...
Author The name of the document's author from Summary information
Comments The comments from Summary information
DocProperty Inserts the value of the selection from the Property scroll list
FileName The document's filename
FileSize The size on disk of the active document
Info The data from Summary information
Keywords The keywords from Summary information
LastSavedBy The name of the user who last saved the document
NumChars The number of characters in the document
NumPages The number of pages in the document
NumWords The number of words in the document
Subject The document's subject from Summary information
Template The name of the template attached to the document
Title The document's title from Summary information

Viewing or Editing Summary Information

For more complete instructions, refer to Working with Summary Information.

  1. From the File menu, select Properties
    The Properties dialog box appears.

  2. Select the Summary tab
    Properties dialog box - Summary tab selected

  3. In the text boxes, make the appropriate changes

  4. Click OK

return to topUser Information

The following fields insert information gathered from the User Information:

Field Name Inserts...
UserAddress The address from User Information
UserInitials The initials from User Information
UserName The name from User Information

Viewing or Editing User Information

  1. Windows: From the Tools menu, select Options...
    The Options dialog box appears.
    Macintosh: From the Word menu, select Preferences...
    The Preferences dialog box appears.

  2. Windows: Select the User Information tab
    Macintosh: From the Options list, select User Information

  3. In the text boxes, make the appropriate changes

  4. Click OK

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