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Microsoft Word 2003

About the Mail Merge Toolbar

Within Mail Merge, a special toolbar helps to make the mail merge quick and easy. Toolbars allow you to simply click a button, rather than using the main menus. This document shows the Mail Merge toolbar and describes the functions of each button.

If the Mail Merge toolbar is not displayed when you are working in your main document, complete the following step:

  1. From the View menu, select Toolbars » Mail Merge
    The Mail Merge toolbar appears.
    Mail Merge toolbar

Button Function
Main document setup button Allows you to select a document type for your main document
Open Data Source button Allows you to select a data source for your merge
Mail Merge Recipients button Opens the data source, making it available for editing
Insert Address Block button Inserts an address block in your letter
Insert Greeting Line button Inserts a greeting line in your letter
Insert Merge Fields button Inserts the code referencing a merge field from the data source
Insert Word Field pull-down list Inserts a special merge code to control how the merge will continue (e.g., next record, If, Then, Else)
View Merged Data button Views the main document with information from the data source. This is helpful for editing the content, punctuation, and grammar of the main document
Highlight Merge Fields button Highlights the merged fields in your document
Match Fields button Matches fields in your data source to merge fields in Word so as to avoid renaming them
Propogate Labels button Merges fields and text to labels
Go to Record buttons Moves through merged records:
  • The end buttons will move to the first or last record in the data document
  • The middle buttons will move to the previous or next record in the data document
  • The number in the center identifies the current record
Find Entry button Locates a record in the data document
Check for Errors button Reviews the current document for errors in the merge commands. For example, you may discover a reference to a field in the data document that does not exist or discover that a merge code is missing the end code ( » )
Merge to New Document button Merges the documents to a new Word file
Merge to Printer button Merges the documents directly to the printer. To save paper, use this button when you are confident that the merge is working properly (especially if you have a lot of records)
Merge to E-mail button Merges the documents and sends them as email messages
Merge to Fax button Merges the documents and sends them as a fax to each recipient. This option is available only if you have compatible components as part of your computer system
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