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Microsoft Publisher 2007

Options for Printing

Publisher offers numerous printing options to provide flexibility as you create your publication. You will use some of the options as your publication is in draft stage and some for final printing. All of these options are accessed through the PROPERTIES button in the Print dialog box.

NOTE: Other helpful documentation regarding printing your Publisher documents include About the Print Dialog Box and Printing a Publication.

return to topAccessing Print Options

  1. From the File menu, select Print...
    Press [Ctrl] + [P]
    The Print dialog box appears.
    Properties button in the Print dialog box

  2. Click PROPERTIES...
    The Printer Properties dialog box appears.
    Tabs in the Printer Properties dialog box

  3. Select the appropriate tab
    NOTE: for more information, refer to Description of Print Options.

return to topDescription of Print Options

The tabs and options available to you will vary according to the type of printer you are using.

Finishing Tab
The Document Options section allows you to print more than one page per sheet. Using this option, you can review general image placement or side-by-side layout.
The Print Quality section allows you to choose lower print quality when printing drafts and optimal quality when printing final drafts.

Effects Tab
The ZoomSmart section allows you to print a scaled version of your document. For example, if your publication is designed for a legal-sized sheet, it can be scaled to print on letter-sized paper.
The Watermark section allows you to print a watermark on all pages or only the first page. Your choices include Confidential, Draft, and SAMPLE.

Paper Tab
The All Pages section allows you to specify the size, source, and type of paper you want to use. You can also select a different paper source and type for the first page, back page, and other pages of your publication.

Basics Tab
The Copies section allows you to select the number of copies to print.
The Orientation section allows you to select the Portrait or Landscape orientation for printing.
NOTE: These options are also available from the Print dialog box.

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