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Microsoft Publisher 2007

Graphics: An Overview

Graphics can add interest and variety to your publication. Graphics can be cropped, sized, and moved in Publisher. For more information, refer to either Manipulating Objects or Modifying Objects. Some graphics, depending on their format, can be re-colored in Publisher. Changes to the graphic itself, however, must be done in a graphics program.

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Graphics can be obtained from a variety of sources, but closely observe their format. Not all formats are suitable for use in Publisher publications. For more information, refer to Graphics Formats. Some graphics can be converted to a compatible format using a graphics program.

You must determine if the image is under copyright before using the image in your presentation. It is illegal to use an image under copyright without permission from the copyright holder.

Some sources for graphics include:

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Graphics come in a variety of file formats. If you are having your publication commercially printed, check with your printer as to the file format that they prefer. If you are getting unsatisfactory results with your graphic, try using a different file format. Graphic formats supported by Publisher without the use of a graphics filter include:

Certain file formats that can be used in Publisher require a graphics filter to be installed. For instructions on installing the filter, refer to Publisher Help by searching Graphics file formats.

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