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Microsoft Publisher 2003

Adding Jump Lines

Many publications use jump lines ("Continued on..." and "Continued from...") to tell the reader where to find the next or previous section of a story. If you've created your columns with text boxes, Publisher can automate this process by adding jump lines before or after text boxes.

To make it easy to format these lines, two new styles are automatically added to your style sheet: Continued-From Text and Continued-On Text. For more information, refer to Working with Styles.

  1. On the page where you want the jump line, select the text box

  2. From the Format menu, select Text Box...
    Right click the text box » select Format Text Box...
    The Format Text Box dialog box appears.

  3. Select the Text Box tab

  4. Under the Text autofitting section, select Include "Continued on page..." or Include "Continued from page..." as appropriate
    Format text box dialog box, text autofitting section

  5. Click OK

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