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Microsoft PowerPoint 2007

Working with Text

You have many text options to help you increase the visual appeal of your presentation. You can add text anywhere on your slide as well as change its size, style, color, and more.

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Any text that appears in a slide must be typed in a text box. If your current slide does not possess any text boxes, refer to Using Text Boxes.

PowerPoint offers numerous pre-defined slide formats. Each of these slide formats contains text boxes in which you can type titles, text, and add tables, and other objects.

  1. Click the text box
    NOTE: If the text box possesses media buttonsMedia buttons, be sure you do not click them.
    The default text disappears and an insertion point appears in the text box.
    Example Text Box

  2. Type your text

  3. When finished, click outside of the text box

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Text boxes appear in many different forms. They appear in new slides and new slide formats. You may also create your own text box and customize its dimensions as you like.

Creating a Text Box

  1. From the Insert command tab, in the Text group, click TEXT BOXText Box button
    Your cursor changes to an insertion point.

  2. In the slide, click and drag your cursor to create the dimensions of your text box

  3. Release the mouse button
    The text box appears and an insertion point appears in it.

  4. Type your text

  5. When finished, click outside the text box

Deleting a Text Box

WARNING: Deleting a text box will also delete all its contents.

  1. Select the border of a text box
    The border is highlighted.

  2. Press [Delete]
    The text box is deleted.

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PowerPoint offers many options for formatting your text. You can change its size, style, color, and other options easily.

  1. Select the text you want to change

  2. From the Home command tab, use the options in the Font group to format your text
    For more information, refer to Office 2007: Formatting Text.

return to topUsing WordArt

WordArt is a feature that offers additional formatting options. With it, you can apply shadows, textures, rotated text, 3-D effects and much more. For more information, refer to Using WordArt in Excel and PowerPoint and Editing WordArt in Excel and PowerPoint.

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