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Microsoft PowerPoint 2008

Animating SmartArt

Animation refers to the movement and/or sound accompanying text or graphics in your slides. SmartArt graphics have built-in animation options that make them ideal for punctuating your content as you present. SmartArt graphics can be animated in three ways: As One Object, All At Once, or One by One. Other than these built in options, SmartArt graphics can be animated and customized the same as other objects.

NOTE: Prior to adding animation, create and format your SmartArt graphic. For more information, refer to Working with SmartArt or Working with SmartArt: An Overview. For more information on animation, refer to Using Animation.

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SmartArt graphics can be animated in the following ways:

As One Object
The entire SmartArt graphic will be treated as one image. (e.g. If you chose this option with the Fly In effect, your entire graphic would fly onto the screen.)

All At Once
The SmartArt graphic will be animated based on its separate pieces, but each will perform its animation at the same time. (e.g. With the Fly In effect, each of the pieces would fly onto the screen at its own rate, but begin simultaneously. This effect often closely resembles the As One Object option.)

One by One
Each piece of the SmartArt graphic will be treated as a separate object, and will animate one at a time. (e.g. If you chose this option with the Fly In effect, each shape of the graphic would appear on screen on its own, eventually creating the whole graphic.)


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You can animate quickly by using the Custom Animations pane for more control over your SmartArt. Aside from the animation options built into SmartArt, they animate just like other objects on your slides. For more information on working with animations, refer to Using Animation.

Animating SmartArt: Custom Animations Pane Option

  1. Select the SmartArt graphic

  2. From the View menu, select Custom Animation
    If the Formatting Palette is visible, select Custom AnimationCustom Animation Button
    The Custom Animation pane appears.

  3. From the Add Effect pull-down menus, select the desired type of effect from the following options:
    The item appears in the Animation order scroll box.

    Pull-down menu Name Function
    Add Entrance button Add Entrance Effect An effect that determines how it arrives in the slide
    Add Emphasis Effect button Add Emphasis Effect An effect that makes something standout
    Add Exit Effect button Add Exit Effect An effect that determines how it leaves the slide


  4. From the Animation order scroll box, select the graphic

  5. Click the SMARTART ANIMATIONS section
    The SmartArt Animation section appears.
    SmartArt Animation taskpane

  6. From the Group graphic pull-down menu, select the desired effect
    NOTE: For more information on the three SmartArt animation options, refer to SmartArt Animation Options.

  7. OPTIONAL: If you selected One by One, to reverse the order in which the pieces of your SmartArt graphic animate, select Reverse order
    NOTE: The option is selected if a checkmark appears.

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