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Microsoft PowerPoint 2007/2008

Documentation is also available for PowerPoint2003

PowerPoint Background Information

PowerPoint Basics

  • Basic PowerPoint Tasks (Win | Mac)
  • Making Your Presentation (Win | Mac)
  • Working with a Slide Master (Win | Mac)
  • Working with Text (Win | Mac)
  • The Formatting Palette (Mac)
  • Working with Bullets and Numbering (Win | Mac)
  • Printing Your Presentation (Win | Mac)
  • Viewing Your Presentation Outline (Win | Mac)
  • Working with Handouts (Win | Mac)

Working with Objects

Customizing PowerPoint

  • Customizing Slide Elements (Win | Mac)
  • Using the Slide Sorter View (Win | Mac)
  • Customizing a Master Slide (Win | Mac)
  • Working with Design Themes (Win | Mac)
  • Capturing Images, Sounds, and Movies (Win | Mac)
  • Using Sounds and Video (Win | Mac)

PowerPoint Diagrams

More PowerPoint Features

Viewing Online Presentations

Inserting Clip Art

Using Microsoft Office Help

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