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Microsoft PowerPoint 2008

Working with Handouts

Before, during, or after your PowerPoint presentation, you may want to distribute handouts. Handouts are a good way to help the audience follow along and take notes. If you decide to include handouts of your presentation, keep in mind that they can be formatted much like the Slide or Title masters. This document will give instructions on how to create handouts, add formatting, add headers and footers, and print.

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In order to create handouts, you must go through the Handout Master. The layout options for the handouts on the Handout Master toolbar will help customize a presentation of any length into a handout.

  1. From the View menu, select Master » Handout Master
    A handout view of your slides and the Handout Master toolbar appear.
    NOTE: Slide content will not appear in Handout Master.
    Handout Master toolbar

  2. From the Handout Master toolbar, select a layout

  3. OPTIONAL: If appropriate, you can add headers and footers, date, time, or page numbers to your handouts.
    NOTE: For additional options, refer to Adding Headers and Footers

  4. When you are done creating your handouts, from the Handout Master toolbar, click CLOSE

  5. To print handouts, refer to Printing Handouts

return to topAdding Headers and Footers

Handouts may be more useful with a header and/or footer applied to give your audience certain information (e.g., date, time, title of presentation, etc.). Once you are in the Handout Master view, header and footer text boxes automatically appear. You can easily type in your header, footer, date, and page number from this view.

  1. From the View menu, select Master » Handout Master
    You are now in the Handout Master view.

  2. To add header, date, footer, or page number, select the appropriate text boxes

  3. Type the appropriate information
    NOTE: The information you enter in these text boxes automatically appears on every handout page.

return to topCustomizing Handouts

You can add images, text, and color to your handouts through the Handout Master. Like any of the master slides, the Handout Master can be formatted to fit your most specific needs.  Anything you add to your handouts will appear only on the Handout Master and the printouts; it will not show up on the individual slides. Customizing your handouts is similar to customizing any other master slide. For instructions on how to customize handouts, follow the instructions given for customizing master slides, refer to Customizing a Master Slide.

return to topPrinting Handouts

Before printing, there are several ways of customizing your handouts. PowerPoint offers many formatting options for printing (e.g., coloring, setup, and formats). For complete instructions on all the different printing options available, refer to Printing Your Presentation.

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