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Microsoft PowerPoint 2004

Working with Online Presentations

Once a presentation is saved as a web page, it is viewed through a web browser. Depending on the browser that you use, there will be some differences in viewing the presentation.

Return to Top Opening the Presentation in a Browser

After you have saved your presentation as a web page, you must then open it in a browser.

NOTE: Since you created the online presentation in a Microsoft application (PowerPoint), viewing it in another Microsoft application (Internet Explorer) may provide the highest compatibility.

  1. Open Internet Explorer
    Open Safari

  2. From the File menu, select Open File...
    The Open dialog box appears.

  3. Navigate to and select the desired file

  4. Click OPEN
    Your online presentation appears in the browser.

Return to TopMoving Between Slides

Most PowerPoint presentations contain multiple slides. Navigating through them on the Web can be done in multiple ways.

Moving Between Slides: Outline Frame Option

  1. From the list of slides in the Outline frame, select the slide you wish to view
    The slide now appears in the Slide frame.

Moving Between Slides: Toolbar Option

  1. To move to the next slide, click NEXT SLIDENext button
    To move to the previous slide, click PREVIOUS SLIDEPrevious button

Moving Between Slides: Slide Show View Option

NOTE: For more information on using the Slide Show view, refer to Using the Slide Show View.

Return to TopExpanding/Collapsing the Outline

By expanding the levels in the Outline frame, viewers of the presentation are allowed to see the subpoints of the slide. Collapsing the outline hides these subpoints.

Difference between expanded and collapsed outlines

  1. To expand/collapse the outline, click EXPAND/COLLAPSE OUTLINEExpand/Collapse Outline button

Return to TopPrinting Frames

After viewing a presentation, you may find a hard copy of it handy. In both Internet Explorer and Safari, you can choose which frame to print.

  1. Click the frame you want to print

  2. From the File menu, select Print...

  3. Click PRINT

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