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Microsoft PowerPoint 2003/2004

Viewing Online Presentations: The Environment

Once a presentation is saved as a web presentation, you can view it using a web browser. The interface of the web presentation is simpler than the interface in PowerPoint.

NOTE: The features available to the presentation depend on the web browser you are using.

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When viewing a presentation as a web page, the browser view is divided into three frames.
Browser Frames

Frame Description
Outline The Outline frame displays the title of each slide. You also have the option of viewing an expanded outline of the presentation in this frame. The presentation can be easily navigated through this frame by clicking the title of the slide you wish to view.
Slide The selected slide is displayed in this frame.
Notes If you wish to view the notes of the presentation, they will be displayed in this frame. This frame is present only if the publisher chose to display notes when he/she saved the presentation as a web page. If the publisher chose to display the Notes frame, it will be displayed even if the presentation contains no notes.

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Located along the bottom of the web browser is a series of buttons for use in viewing the presentation.

Browser buttons for viewing the Slide Show

Browser buttons for viewing the Slide Show

Button Description
Show/Hide Outline Hides or displays the Outline frame.
Expand/Collapse Outline Hides or displays sub points of the outline.
Show/Hide Notes Hides or displays the Notes frame.
Previous Slide Moves to the previous slide.
Slide Indicator Displays the number of the currently displayed slide.
Next Slide Moves to the next slide.
Full Screen Slide Show Displays the slide show in full screen mode.
Play/Pause NarrationPlay/Pause Narration button Plays and pauses narration in the presentation.
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