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Microsoft PowerPoint 2004

The PowerPoint Views

When putting a presentation together, it can be helpful to work with your presentation from different views. For example, if you want to edit the content of your slide, you would want to use the Normal view. You can access your views from the View menu. Although not accessible through the View menu, the Outline and Slides Pane make up two significant view options in the Normal view. This document will show and explain each view option.

NormalNormal view button
Shows your slide as it will appear during the presentation. You are allowed to edit your slide from this view.

OutlineOutline view button
Shows you the text of your slides in a larger outline format than the Normal view. You can organize information using drag-and-drop within Outline view.

SlideSlide view button
Shows you the slide without showing you the Slide pane or the Note pane.

Slide SorterSlide Sorter view button
Presents miniatures of each slide. You can reorder the slides and add animations within and transitions between the slides in the Slide Sorter view.

Notes Page
Illustrates what speaker and audience notes will look like.

Slide ShowSlide Show view button
Shows the slides as if you were actually presenting. You are not able to edit slides in this view.

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