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Microsoft PowerPoint 2003

Working with Images

Adding visual components to your slide(s) can enhance your message. Clip art images, Internet images, or scanned images can be added to your PowerPoint slides. You can also add visual components by using PowerPoint's drawing tools (refer to Drawing in Office 2003). For more information on creating images, refer to Creating WordArt.

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Adding Images: Clip Art

The Microsoft Clip Organizer contains numerous images in several different categories. It is easy to enhance your slides with appropriate clip art from the organizer. For instructions on adding clip art, refer to Inserting Clip Art.

HINT: To adjust image location, size, or borders, refer to Formatting Images.

Adding Images: Other Electronic Images

You can also add electronic images from other sources (e.g., scanned images, images downloaded from the Internet). For information on adding images from outside sources, refer to Adding to the Microsoft Clip Organizer. To learn how to find and save images from the Internet, refer to Capturing Images, Sounds, and Movies and Importing Clip Art from the Web.

  1. In the desired slide, from the Insert menu, select Picture » From File...
    The Insert Picture dialog box appears.

  2. Using the Look in pull-down list, locate and select the image to be added

  3. Click INSERT
    The image appears in your slide and the Picture toolbar appears.

  4. If necessary, continue with Formatting Images

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Once you have inserted an image into your slide, you can easily adjust positioning, resize, or add borders as needed. For instructions on resizing images, refer to Resizing Objects. For instructions on positioning images, refer to Moving Objects.

Adding an Image Border

  1. To select the image, click it once
    NOTE: If the Drawing toolbar does not appear, from the View menu, select Toolbars » Drawing

  2. To select the border line style and weight, on the Drawing toolbar, click LINE STYLELine Style button » select a line style and weight
    The selected line style and weight are applied to your image border.

  3. To select a border color, on the Drawing toolbar, click the Down arrow next to LINE COLORLine Color button » select a color for your border
    The selected color is applied to your image border.

  4. To select a border dash style, on the Drawing toolbar, click DASH STYLEDash Style button » select a dash style for your border
    The selected dash style is applied to your image border.

  5. OPTIONAL: To add effects such as shadows to your image, refer to Adding 3-D or Shadows.

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The Picture toolbar allows you to change the look of your image using options such as line style, transparency, contrast, changing color, and cropping. Once you insert an image, the Picture toolbar should automatically appear. If the Picture toolbar does not appear, refer to Picture Options: Viewing the Toolbar. For more information on picture options, refer to Modifying Clip Art.

Picture Options: Viewing the Toolbar

  1. From the View menu, select Toolbars » Picture
    The Picture toolbar appears.
    NOTE: The Picture toolbar is displayed when the menu option is checked.
    Picture toolbar

Picture Options: Toolbar Options

On the Picture toolbar, numerous buttons give you many different options for formatting your images.

Button   Action
Insert Picture Insert Picture button Opens the Insert Picture dialog box so you can insert a saved image
Color Color button Image Control options include the following: Automatic, Grayscale, Black & White, and Washout
More Contrast More Contrast button Increases image contrast
Less Contrast Less Contrast button Decreases image contrast
More Brightness More Brightness button Brightens image colors
Less Brightness Less Brightness button Dims image colors
Crop Crop button Cuts or crops unnecessary elements
Rotate Left 90° Rotate Left button Rotates the image 90° to the left
Line Style Line Style button Creates an image border
Compress Pictures Compress Pictures button Compresses your pictures to reduce file size
NOTE: If pictures are compressed, image quality may be diminished.
Recolor Picture Recolor Picture button Opens the Recolor Picture dialog box so you can change image colors
Format Picture/AutoShape Format Picture/AutoShape button Opens the Format Picture or Format AutoShape dialog box so you can edit and format your image
Set Transparent Color Set Transparent Color button Changes the image background color to the background color of the document
Reset Picture Reset Picture button Resets the image back to its original size
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