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Microsoft PowerPoint 2004

The Formatting Palette

The Formatting Palette offers an easy way to format your text and objects with a single click. Located in your workspace on the right side of the screen, it provides easy access to formatting tools when designing slides.

Return to TopAccessing the Formatting Palette

The Formatting Palette should automatically appear on the right side of your screen when you open PowerPoint. If it is not visible, you can access it easily. It is helpful to remember that the available sections vary depending on which element is selected on a slide.

Viewing the Formatting Palette

  1. From the View menu, select Formatting Palette
    NOTE: If the menu option is checked, the Formatting Palette is visible.
    From the Standard toolbar, click FORMATTING PALETTEFormatting palette
    The Formatting Palette appears on the right side of the screen.
    NOTE: The available sections vary depending on which element is selected on a slide.
    Formatting Palette

Expanding the Formatting Palette

To optimize your workspace, the Formatting Palette consists of collapsible sections. Each section is indicated by a colored bar with the section title and a triangular arrow. These sections expand to reveal common functions of the individual sections.

  1. Access the Formatting Palette

  2. Click the heading of the section you want to expandSection heading
    The section expands to reveal related formatting options.
    NOTE: The triangular arrow points to the right when the section is collapsed or points down when the section is expanded.
    Font section of the Formatting Palette

Return to TopFormatting Palette Options

The Formatting Palette can consist of a wide variety of sections, including font, bullets and numbering, alignment and spacing, animation, hyperlink, and presentation. Each section contains different formatting options for the element you are working with.

Formatting Palette Options: Customizing Options

Only the panels relating to what you are doing in the slides will appear on the Formatting Palette. However, if a desired panel does not appear you may customize the Formatting Palette to view it.

  1. If the appropriate panel does not appear, on the Formatting Palette, clickMore Options button

  2. Select Customize Formatting Palette...
    The Customize Formatting Palette dialog box appears.
    Customize Formatting Palette

  3. In the Panels section, select the panel you would like to appear

  4. Click OK
    The selected panel appears on the Formatting Palette.

Although each section contains many helpful options, the font, bullets and numbering, and alignment and spacing sections are detailed below:

Formatting Palette Options: Font Options

The Font section of the Formatting Palette allows you to prescribe font type, font size, font color, text style, and to apply subscript or superscript text.

Font section of the Formatting Palette

Palette Button
Font pull-down list Changes font
Font size pull-down list Changes font size
Font color Changes font color
Apply bold, italics, underline, and shadow Applies boldface, italics, underline, and shadow to text
Superscript or subscript text buttons Creates superscript or subscript text
Increase and decrease font size buttons Increases or decreases font size
Toggle Case button Allows user to switch between case levels

Formatting Palette Options: Bullets and Numbering Options

The Bullets and Numbering section of the Formatting Palette allows you to format the style, color and size of bulleted and numbered lists, as well as increase and decrease their indent.

Format bullets and numbers

Palette Button
Create numbered list Creates numbered list
Create bulleted list Creates bulleted list
Increase and decrease the indent buttons Increases or decreases the indent
Set style for numbered or bulleted lists Determines style for numbered or bulleted list
Set color for numbers or bullets Determines the color of numbers or bullets
Size of numbers or bullets Determines the size of numbers or bullets

Formatting Palette Options: Alignment and Spacing Options

The Alignment and Spacing section of the Formatting Palette allows you to format the horizontal and vertical alignment, and paragraph spacing.

Format alignment and spacing

Palette Button
Horizontal alignment Designates horizontal alignment for text: right, center, left, justified
Vertical alignment Designates vertical alignment for text: top, center, bottom
Increase and decrease paragraph spacing buttons Increases or decreases paragraph spacing
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