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Microsoft PowerPoint 2003

Working with Diagrams

Adding diagrams to your slide show can enhance its effect on your audience. Diagrams group related information and make it easier to explain throughout the course of the presentation. Diagram types include Cycle, Target, Radial, Venn, Pyramid, and Organizational Chart.

TopInserting Diagrams

  1. From the Insert menu, select Diagram...
    On the Drawing toolbar, click INSERT DIAGRAM OR ORGANIZATION CHARTInsert Diagram or Organizational Chart button
    The Diagram Gallery dialog box appears.
    Diagram Gallery dialog box

  2. Select the type of diagram that best fits your presentation
    NOTE: For more information about each type of slide, refer to Working with Diagrams: An Overview.

  3. Click OK
    The diagram appears on the slide.
    The Diagram toolbar appears.
    NOTE: PowerPoint offers many options for diagrams. For more information, refer to Diagram Formatting Options or Animating Diagrams.

TopMoving Diagrams

After inserting a diagram, you may wish to move the diagram to better fit your slide. Follow these steps to position your diagram within your presentation.

  1. Select the diagram to be moved

  2. Position the mouse over the diagram border
    A four-headed arrow appears with the pointer.

  3. Click and drag the diagram to the desired location

  4. Release the mouse button
    The diagram is moved.

TopResizing Diagrams

You may wish to manipulate the dimension of your diagram after positioning it on your slide. These steps will help you in resizing your diagram.

Resizing Diagrams: Mouse Option

  1. Select the diagram to be resized

  2. Position the mouse over one of the sizing handles
    When the mouse is positioned over the handle, the pointer will change into a two-headed arrow.
    NOTE: To keep your diagram proportionate, use a corner handle.

  3. Click and drag until you have reached the desired size

  4. Release the mouse button
    The diagram is resized.

Resizing Diagrams: Diagram Toolbar Option

The Diagram toolbar offers additional options for resizing diagrams.
Diagram toolbar

  1. Select the diagram to be resized
    The Diagram toolbar appears.

  2. On the Diagram toolbar, click LAYOUT » select the appropriate option:

    Option Description
    Fit Diagram to Contents Decreases the size of the area around the diagram so it fits tightly around the objects of the diagram.
    Expand Diagram Adds space around the diagram.
    Resize Diagram Resizes the diagram, the area around the diagram, and the text. After selecting this option, the diagram can be moved by clicking a corner handle and dragging the diagram to the specific location.
    AutoLayout Positions the diagram, the area around diagram, and the text to their default positions based on the new type of diagram selected.
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