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Microsoft PowerPoint 2003

Diagram Formatting Options

Along with animating your diagrams, PowerPoint allows you to format the diagrams in your slide show to change and customize them. You can do this by adding text, choosing from different colors, borders, types of diagrams, and adjusting the number of shapes your diagram uses.

The following sections will show you how to adjust and personalize diagrams for your slide show.

topThe Diagram Toolbar

The Diagram toolbar provides many different tasks which will help when customizing your diagram within the presentation. The appearance of the buttons varies slightly, depending on the type of diagram you are working with. The buttons discussed here represent the buttons used when working with a Target diagram.

Diagram Toolbar

Button Purpose
Insert Shape button Adds a shape/object to the selected diagram.
Move Shape Backward button Moves a selected shape backward (inward) within the diagram.
Move Shape Forward button Moves a selected shape forward (outward) within the diagram.
Reverse Diagram button Reverses the location of a selected shape.
Layout button Offers more moving and resizing options. To learn more about the LAYOUT button, refer to Working with Diagrams.
AutoLayout button Formats a selected diagram with preset colors and sizes.
Change To button Allows a change of style for the selected diagram.

topAdjusting the Number of Diagram Shapes

As you go through and design the slides and diagrams for your slide show, information may need to be added to or removed from the diagram. PowerPoint lets you add or delete the number of shapes your diagram contains.

Adjusting the Number of Diagram Shapes: Adding Shapes

  1. With the diagram selected, from the Diagram toolbar, click INSERT SHAPE
    An additional shape is added to your diagram.
    NOTE: Once inserted, additional shapes can be moved within the diagram. For more information, refer to Moving Shapes within a Diagram.

Adjusting the Number of Diagram Shapes: Deleting Shapes

  1. To delete a shape you just added, from the Edit menu, select Undo
    To delete a different shape,
    1. Select the shape within the diagram
    2. Press [Delete]

topMoving Shapes within a Diagram

After adding shapes to your diagram, you may decide that a shape was inserted in the wrong location on your diagram. You can easily move any shape to another position within a diagram by simply following the following steps.

  1. Select the shape to be moved

  2. To move it backward, on the Diagram toolbar, click MOVE SHAPE BACKWARDMove Shape Backward Button
    To move it forward, on the Diagram toolbar, click MOVE SHAPE FORWARDMove Shape Forward Button
    To reverse the position of the shape, on the Diagram toolbar, click REVERSE DIAGRAMReverse Diagram Button

topChanging Diagram Style

Color schemes and borders are automatically applied when you choose the slide design you want. One way to change the color and border of your diagram is to choose another slide design. However, AutoFormat offers a few additional color options for your diagrams as well as numerous border designs.

  1. With the diagram selected, from the Diagram toolbar, click AUTOFORMAT AutoFormat Button
    The Diagram Style Gallery dialog box appears.

  2. From the Select a Diagram Style list, select the desired style
    A preview of the changed diagram appears to the right of the list.

  3. To apply the new design, click OK
    To keep the original design, click CANCEL

topChanging the Diagram Type

If you find that the diagram you have chosen does not fit the information you are trying to convey, PowerPoint gives you the option of changing the type of diagram without having to recreate the entire diagram. For example, you can change your diagram from Target to Pyramid.

  1. With the diagram selected, on the Diagram toolbar, click CHANGE TOChange To Button » select the new diagram you would like to have in the slide show
    The diagram is changed on the slide.
    NOTE: You can select a new design as many times as you want until you find the one suitable for your slide.

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