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Microsoft PowerPoint 2003

Animating Diagrams

Animation refers to the movement and/or sound accompanying text or diagram shapes as they are introduced or exited from the presentation. Using animated diagrams can enhance your presentation and draw viewer attention to important parts of the diagram.

NOTE: Prior to adding animation, create and format your diagram. For more information, refer to Working with Diagrams or Working with Diagrams: An Overview. For more information on animation, refer to Using Animation.

  1. Open your presentation

  2. From the Slide Show menu, select Custom Animation...
    The Custom Animation task pane appears.

  3. Select the diagram to be animated

  4. In the Custom Animation task pane, click ADD EFFECTAdd Effect button» select the appropriate animation effect
    Your selection appears in the Custom Animation task pane.
    Add Effects pull-down list

  5. From the Start pull-down list, select when the effect will occur
    Start pull-down list

  6. From the selected animation effect pull-down list, select Effect Options...

  7. Select the Diagram Animation tab

  8. From the Group diagram pull-down list, select the desired animation for the shapes of your diagram
    NOTE: The choices available will vary according to the type of diagram you are animating.
    Diagram Animation pull-down list

  9. Click OK

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