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Microsoft Outlook 2007

Creating a Public Calendar

All Outlook users can see the listing of materials stored in public folders (e.g., folders on the W: drive), but permissions have to be set appropriately for users to view the contents of the folders. Public folders can function as public calendars, which allows calendars to be set for conference rooms and enables you to check the availability of these rooms for meetings. The organization of public folders is based on the University organization. Permission for adding information to folders is based on membership of the group. For example, members of the math department can add or delete information from the math public folder but not from the English public folder.

If you cannot create a calendar within your department's main public folder, contact the LTS Help Desk (836-5711 or and they will have your name added to the permissions list. For more information about permissions, refer to Sharing Your Calendar: Setting Permissions.

  1. From the Go menu, select Folder List
    NOTE: Although a partial Folders list may be available if you are in the Mail view, this displays a more extensive list of folders to which you have access.

  2. In the Folders list, click the plus (+) sign or arrow next to Public FoldersPublic Folders icon and plus sign

  3. Locate your public folder
    HINT: Click the plus signs or arrows as necessary to review the subfolders.

  4. Select the folder that you would like to contain your Calendar

  5. From the File menu, select  New » Folder...
    The Create New Folder dialog box appears.
    Create New Folder dialog box

  6. In the Name text box, type a name for the Calendar

  7. From the Folder contains pull-down list, select Calendar Items
    NOTE: Selecting other options would allow you to create a public folder to contain email messages, notes, contact information, or tasks.

  8. From the Select where to place the folder pane, confirm the location of the new Calendar

  9. Click OK
    The new Calendar is created.

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