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Microsoft Outlook 2003

Options for Managing Email: An Overview

Outlook 2003 contains a number of options to help you organize and manage your email. If you have a high volume of messages, these options can help you work more efficiently and help you to locate the messages you want more easily. This document explains these options and how you can use them to your advantage.

This feature sorts email messages using the Field headings in the message listing. Clicking a Field heading toggles between ascending and descending sort order. You might use this to quickly locate a message from a certain person by click on the From heading. For more information, refer to Sorting Your Email Messages.

Folders allow you to group email messages related to a specific topic or activity. By grouping related messages in folders, they are available for easy reference by topic. Messages can be moved into folders from the Inbox manually or automatically using message rules. Folders are easily added or deleted as you need them. For more information, refer to Managing Email with Folders.

Filters allow viewing of email messages in a folder only if they meet specific criteria. This allows you to find and focus on specific messages in one folder. The Filter temporarily blocks the other messages in the folder from view. When you want to see them, you can simply remove the Filter. When a Filter is applied to a folder, the words Filter Applied appear in the status bar in the lower left corner of the screen. For more information, refer to Viewing Email with Filters.

Message rules allow you to set actions to be performed automatically after downloading messages that meet your chosen criteria. For example, Outlook can redirect messages with a certain subject line or messages containing a certain word or phrase. Or, messages related to a specific topic can be automatically forwarded or placed in a special folder. Outlook rules are flexible and can be tailored to your needs. For more information, refer to Using Rules to Organize your Email.

Junk Mail Filter
The Junk Mail Filter identifies or moves junk mail messages. It is activated by phrasing, font styles (e.g., all caps), and symbols (e.g., dollar signs), which are characteristic of junk mail messages. The list of these phrases and symbols are kept and maintained by Outlook. The Junk Mail Filter gives you two options for dealing with junk email. You can color code them for easy identification. Or, you can have them automatically moved to a folder that you designate (e.g., a junk mail folder or the Deleted Items folder). For more information, refer to Using Junk Mail Filters.

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