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Microsoft Outlook 2003

The Outlook Environment

This document contains general information regarding the Outlook environment. Taking a moment to review the following sections will enable you to move through the Outlook program with greater ease. 

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The following graphic represents the basic parts of an Outlook window. As with many other Windows based programs there are menus and toolbars along with a window displaying the active feature. Outlook does have features unique to its environment: the toolbars, the Navigation pane, and the Folder List.

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A unique feature of Outlook 2003 regards the toolbars. The toolbars change depending on what feature you are using. So, feature-specific buttons will appear and disappear on any given toolbar depending upon what you are doing.

HINT: If you are unsure at any time about what a specific button on a toolbar does, you can hold your pointer over that button and a description box will appear.

To view a toolbar:

  1. From the View menu, select Toolbars » select the toolbar(s) you would like displayed (Standard, Advanced, Web)

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The Navigation pane contains icons representing Outlook features. It contains many of the same features as the Folder List, but the Navigation pane provides a shortcut. You can simply click on a Navigation pane icon to open that feature or right click to access related options. The size of icons or the size of the Navigation pane itself can be adjusted; you can even hide the Navigation pane. For more information, refer to General Navigation Pane Options.

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If you have many folders in Outlook, it may be easier to locate and open them using the Folder List as opposed to quickly using the Navigation pane. The Folder List provides a more detailed listing of all your Outlook folders and subfolders, allowing you to navigate through them more effectively.

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