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Microsoft Outlook 2003

Sorting Your Email Messages

Email messages accumulate rapidly. Since folders can contain hundreds of messages, searching for a particular email can seem overwhelming. Instead of scrolling through a listing of emails, Outlook makes finding a specific email easy with its sort feature.

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Mail can be sorted by a variety of different criteria using the header fields in the Mailbox listing and can be accomplished in a few clicks. Below is an explanation of the most common sorting options when sorting using the Mailbox view.

NOTE: Clicking the header toggles between ascending and descending order.

mailbox listing

Header Description
Sort by Header Status
Header Status Messages will be sorted by date received from most recent to oldest without grouping messages by date.
Sort by Importance
Importance High importance messages are placed first, normal importance messages are placed second, and low priority messages are placed last.
Sort by Icon
Icon Messages will be sorted by type (e.g., mail message, meeting request, receipts, etc.).
Sort by Flag Status
Flag Status All flagged messages will be sorted to the top of the Mailbox.
Sort by Attachment
Attachment All messages that contain an attachment will be sorted to the top of the Mailbox.
Sort by From
From Messages will be sorted and grouped by sender alphabetically from A-Z.
NOTE: Messages will be sorted by the first character, which is not necessarily the last name of the sender.
Sort by Subject
Subject Messages will be sorted alphabetically by subject from A-Z using the first character of the subject.
Sort by Received
Received Messages will be sorted by date received from oldest to most recent.
NOTE: Messages are grouped according to date received by default.
Sort by Size
Size Messages will be sorted by size from smallest to largest.

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If you have several messages in your mailbox, you can sort them by any field in the Mailbox listing. This can make it easier to locate a desired message.

NOTE: You can add, delete, or rearrange fields in the Mailbox listing. For more information, refer to Using the Field Chooser.

  1. Select the mailbox
    EXAMPLE: Inbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items, etc.

  2. Click the appropriate Mailbox header
    The messages will now be sorted by the field requested.
    EXAMPLE: Received, Subject
    NOTE: By clicking the Mailbox header a second time, the sorting order is reversed. The arrow in the header indicates whether the field is sorted in ascending or descending order.

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