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Microsoft Outlook 2003

Locating Recipients

When sending a message, Outlook gives you options for finding the email name of the recipient. The easiest ways are either to use the TO button, the Check Names feature, or the address book. There are also other ways to locate email addresses outside of Outlook. Most of these options only apply to UW-Eau Claire faculty/staff or students.

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Outlook gives you a very easy way to find contacts when creating a new email message. The names found using this method are from the Global Address List and therefore apply only to faculty/staff and students of UW-Eau Claire.

  1. Start a new mail message

  2. From the Tools menu, select Address Book...
    Click ADDRESS BOOKAddress book button
    Click TO...
    The Select Names dialog box appears.

  3. In the Show Names from the pull down list, select Global Address List

  4. In the Type Name or Select from List text box, type the name of the desired recipient or select from the Name list
    HINT: To find an entry in the Name list, type all or part of the person's last name or use the scroll bar.

  5. To add the name as a recipient of the message, click TO, CC, or BCC as appropriate

  6. Click OK

  7. Complete the email message

  8. Click SEND

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When writing an email, using the Check Names feature can easily determine the correct name and email address for the recipient. The Check Names feature searches in both the Global Address List and your personal Contact list. If the name is recognized by Outlook, the name will be added as a recipient of the message

  1. Start a new mail message

  2. In the To... text box, type the name of the desired recipient(s)

  3. Click CHECK NAMESCheck Names button
    If the name is not recognized by Outlook, the Check Names dialog box will appear.

  4. Select the appropriate name from the scroll box
    To see more name options, click SHOW MORE NAMES... and make your selection

  5. OPTIONAL: If you need more information on a recipient, with the appropriate name selected, click ADVANCED » Properties...

  6. OPTIONAL: If viewing contact properties, click OK

  7. Click OK

  8. Complete the email message

  9. Click SEND

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