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Microsoft Outlook 2003

Using the Field Chooser

The Field Chooser allows you to customize your view of a folder or a Contacts list. Fields are the columns of information that you view under the various Field headings in, for example, the Inbox. Outlook allows you to add, remove, or rearrange these Fields.
Column headings example

return to topAdding Fields

Adding Fields that you commonly use can make your work in Outlook much more efficient.

  1. Right click any Field heading » select Field Chooser
    The Field Chooser dialog box appears.
    Field Chooser dialog box

  2. From the Field Chooser list, locate the desired Field

  3. Click and drag the Field to the Field heading area
    As the new Field is dragged over the Field headings, red arrows appear where the new Field will be added.

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as necessary

  5. To close Field Chooser, click X in the upper right corner of the dialog box

return to topRemoving Fields

Removing Fields that you rarely use will make make more room for information you do use.

  1. Right click the Field heading you want to remove » select Remove This Column

return to topRearranging Fields

Rearranging Fields is as simple as clicking and dragging. Rearrangement can organize the Fields in a way that is easier to use or more meaningful to you.

  1. Click and hold the Field heading of the Field to be moved

  2. Drag the Field heading to the desired location
    As the Field is dragged over the Field headings, red arrows appear where the Field will be placed.

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