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Microsoft Outlook 2003

Basic Email Activities

Outlook has many features similar to other email programs as well as many unique, enhanced features.

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When you want to send an email message in Outlook:

  1. On the Standard toolbar, on the NEW button, click the down arrow Down arrow
    A submenu appears.

  2. From the submenu, select Mail MessageMail Message icon

  3. In the To... text box, type the email address of the person you are sending the message to
    HINT: If you are sending to multiple people, use a semicolon ( ; ) to separate the email addresses.
    NOTE: You cannot exceed 3000 recipients. Distribution lists count each member in the list.

  4. Press [Tab] twice
    Click in the Subject text box

  5. Type an appropriate subject

  6. Press [Tab]
    Click in the message body

  7. Type your message

  8. Click SENDSend button

Sending Email Messages to "Hidden" Students

Some students opt to have their email account and personal information excluded from the electronic directories. In these cases, you must use their complete email address (e.g., when addressing email messages to them. If you do not include, the Check Names dialog box will appear, indicating that Outlook does not recognize the email name.

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In order to access and read an email message in your Inbox:

  1. From the Folder List, select Inbox

  2. Double click the message you want to read
    The message appears on the screen. To split your screen to include both the listing of messages and the full message, refer to Customizing Email Settings: Using Reading Pane.

  3. When finished reading, from the File menu, select Close
    From the upper right corner, click CLOSEClose button

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There are a couple of common places from which you may want to delete an email message: from the message window or from the Inbox. If you accidentally delete a message, you also have some capability of retrieving it.

Deleting Messages: Message Dialog Box

With the message window open:

  1. Click DELETEDelete button
    From the File menu, select Delete

Deleting Messages: Inbox

To select a group of contiguous messages:

  1. Select the first message to be deleted

  2. Hold down the [Shift] key

  3. Select the last message to be deleted

To select a group of non-contiguous messages:

  1. Select the first message to be deleted

  2. Hold down the [Ctrl] key

  3. Select the next item

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all messages to be deleted are selected

To delete selected messages:

  1. Click DELETE
    From the Edit menu, select Delete

Retrieving Deleted Messages

If you have accidentally deleted a message that you want to keep, you can retrieve it if your Deleted Items folder has not been emptied yet. You may be able to retrieve some messages that have been emptied from your Deleted Items folder. To do so, refer to Recovering Permanently Deleted Items.

  1. From the Folder list, select Deleted Items
    Items in the Deleted Items folder will appear.

  2. Select the message you want to keep

  3. Drag the message to the Inbox

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Printing email messages is very similar to printing documents in Microsoft Word. However, with Outlook you can print a single email message or multiple email messages. When printing multiple messages, you have additional options.

  1. Select the message(s) you want to print
    HINT: To select multiple messages hold down the [Ctrl] key and click on each message you want selected.

  2. From the File menu, select Print...
    The Print dialog box appears.

  3. In the Printer section, from the Name pull-down list, select the appropriate printer

  4. In the Print style section, select Memo Style

  5. In the Copies section, in the Number of copies text box, type the appropriate number of copies

  6. In the Copies section, in the Number of pages pull-down list, select All, Even, or Odd

  7. OPTIONAL: To print each message on a new page, in the Print options section of the dialog box, select Start each item on a new page

  8. OPTIONAL: To print messages with their attachments, in the Print options section of the dialog box, select Print attached files

  9. Click OK

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