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Microsoft Outlook 2003

Contacts Viewing Options

Outlook 2003 allows you to adjust the view of Contacts to best fit your needs. The following Contacts viewing options are available:

This document will explain what the various Contacts viewing options are and how to change your view.

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Address Cards

Basic Address Cards provide essential information for each Contact. This information can include a contact's name, address, email, and phone number(s). This option works well for viewing a large number of records within limited screen space.
Contacts Address Cards view

Detailed Address Cards

Detailed Address Cards display all the available information for a Contact. This will include information found on basic Address Cards (name, address, phone number), as well as other information such as company, job title, email address, and so on.
Contacts Detailed Address Cards view

Phone List

The Phone List view contains a listing of Contacts and their phone numbers.
Contacts Phone List view

By Category

When viewing By Category, you can see information (name, company, category, phone, email) on groups of individuals. These groups are based on the Categories that you have assigned individuals.
Contacts By Category view

By Company, By Location, and By Follow-up Flag

Examples of these views are not shown here because of their similarity to the By Category view.

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Depending on how you are working with your Contacts, you may want to change the view to better suit your needs.

Changing Your Contacts View: Menu Option

  1. From the Outlook bar, click CONTACTS Contacts button
    From the Go menu, select Contacts

  2. In the Navigation Pane, from the Current View list, select the desired view
    Navigation Pane - Current View list

Changing Your Contacts View: Toolbar Option

  1. From the Navigation Pane, click CONTACTSContacts button
    From the Go menu, select Contacts

  2. From the View menu, select Toolbars » Advanced

  3. From the Current View pull-down list, select the desired view
    Current View pull-down list

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