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Microsoft Outlook 2003

Viewing a Public Calendar as Shared

Just as you can view other users' shared calendars alongside your own, you can also view public calendars side by side with your calendar. These instructions show you how to add a public calendar to your Favorites so that it may be viewed from your Other Calendars list.

return to topAdding a Public Calendar to Your Other Calendars

  1. Open Outlook

  2. From the Go menu, select Folder List

  3. Click the plus sign (+) in front of Public Folders

  4. Within your Public Folder, locate the calendar you want to view
    HINT: Click the plus signs as necessary to view the subfolders.

  5. Right click the calendar » select Add to Favorites...
    The Add to Favorites dialog box appears.

  6. Click ADD
    The calendar is added to your Favorites.

  7. From the Go menu, select Calendar
    The calendar you selected will appear under Other Calendars. This may take several minutes.
    Other Calendars

  8. To view the calendar, select it

return to topRemoving a Public Calendar from Your Other Calendars

If you no longer reference a Public Calendar, you can remove it from your Other Calendars list.

  1. From the Go menu, select Calendar

  2. In the Navigation pane under Other Calendars, right click the calendar you want to remove » select Remove from Other Calendars

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