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Microsoft Outlook 2003

Accessing Other Users' Calendars

One of the benefits of Outlook is the ability to share your Calendar with others. Calendars can be shared to provide access for others to view but cannot make any changes, or access can be provided for others to make appointments on your Calendar. Access is based on permissions you establish in Outlook. This document contains information on how to access your colleagues' Calendars after each person has established permission for you to do so.

In order for you to access another user's Calendar or other folder, they need to set permission for you to do so. For more information on setting permissions, refer to Sharing Your Calendar: Setting Permissions. After permissions have been set, Outlook makes it easy to access another user's Calendar. This allows you to quickly determine if a colleague is available, busy, or out of the office at any given time.

  1. From the File menu, select Open » Other User's Folder...
    The Open Other User's Folder dialog box appears.
    Open Other User's Folder dialog box

  2. In the Name text box, type the name of the person whose Calendar you wish to access
    To access the campus directory search feature, click NAME...

  3. From the Folder pull-down list, select Calendar

  4. Click OK
    The selected user's Calendar opens.

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