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Microsoft Outlook 2003

Working with Archived Items

Archived items are stored in a specific location and can be accessed at any time. Once you know the location of the archive, viewing the items in it or retrieving items from it are easy.

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The default location for your archived files is H:\Config\Outlook\archive.pst. If this folder does not exist, contact the LTS Help Desk. To change your archive location, refer to Customizing AutoArchive Settings.

  1. Open Outlook

  2. To find the archives, right click the folder » select Properties
    The Properties dialog box for that folder appears.

  3. Select the AutoArchive tab

  4. In the Move old items to text box, verify the location where Outlook saved the archives 
    HINT: You may need to select the Archive this folder using these settings radio button to have access to the Move old items to text box.

  5. Click OK
    NOTE: To verify that items have been archived, continue with Viewing Archived Items

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You can view archived items by opening the archive folder. Viewing items in the open archive folder does not move the archived item to active folders.

  1. From the File menu, select Open » Outlook Data File...
    The Outlook Data File dialog box appears.

  2. Navigate to the archive folder
    NOTE: Archives are usually stored in H:\Config\Outlook\archive.pst

  3. Select the file and click OK
    The Archive Folders appears in your Folder List.

  4. View the contents of the Archive Folders as you would any other folder

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You can retrieve archived items by importing them. This moves the archived item from the archive to the active folder.  When importing archived items, you have two options: importing to the original folder or importing to a new folder. When using a new folder, the items will be moved when starting Outlook.

WARNING: Depending on the number and size of items being retrieved, moving items from the archive to your active Outlook folder may impact your quota on the Exchange Server.

  1. Create a new folder and select it

  2. From the File menu, select Import and Export...
    The Import and Export Wizard dialog box appears.

  3. From the Choose an action to perform scroll box, select Import from another program or file

  4. Click NEXT

  5. From the Select file type to import from scroll box, select Personal Folder File (.pst)

  6. Click NEXT

  7. In the File to import text box, type the file path and name
    Select the desired location by clicking BROWSE

  8. In the Options section of the dialog box, select the desired option regarding duplicates

  9. Click NEXT

  10. In the Select the folder to import from listing, select the desired folder

  11. OPTIONAL: To include subfolders, select Include subfolders

  12. To import archived items into the original folder, select Import items into the same folder in and select a folder from the pull-down list
    To import items into a new folder, select Import items into the current folder
    WARNING: The items go into the folder selected when starting. 

  13. Click FINISH
    The archived items will now be located in the folder you indicated.

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