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Microsoft Outlook 2003

AutoArchiving: An Overview

In general, AutoArchiving is a way to preserve old items in an area separate from your active folders. AutoArchiving makes your active folders more manageable and active items more accessible. You have many options with Outlook AutoArchiving: automatic archive, manual archive, or a combination of the two. Additionally, you can set AutoArchiving options folder by folder, thus customizing the process. This document will discuss some things to consider before selecting your AutoArchiving options.

return to topItems That Can Be AutoArchived

Outlook AutoArchiving will preserve folder structure, so subfolders can also be archived. Contacts cannot be AutoArchived but can be manually archived. Items in the following folders can be AutoArchived:

return to topSpace and Quota Considerations

Whether you use AutoArchiving, manually archive items, or do not archive at all, your decision will impact your quota on one of the servers. The following is a list of considerations which may help you to decide how to address this issue.

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