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Microsoft Outlook 2003

Working with AutoArchive Default Settings

Default settings affect new folders and folders which do not have customized archive settings. The default AutoArchive settings determine whether AutoArchiving will be performed, how often it will be performed, and where the archive file will be located. AutoArchive also gives you the option to delete expired items. To ensure that archiving settings fit your personal preferences, it may be necessary to modify Outlook's default archiving settings.

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If a setting is turned On, data will be archived at the listed timetable interval.  

NOTE: For some folders, the "On" setting causes items to be deleted rather than archived, so make sure you understand the settings before you change them. 

If the setting is turned Off, the data remains active in Outlook.  

This table shows the default settings used by Outlook.  They can be changed in the Properties dialog box. For more information on changing the default settings, refer to Customizing AutoArchive Settings.  

Folder Timetable Default Setting
6 months
Deleted Items
2 months
6 months
6 months
3 months
Sent Items
2 months

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Default settings affect new folders and folders which do not have customized archive settings.

  1. From the Tools menu, select Options...
    The Options dialog box appears.

  2. Select the Other tab

  3. Click AUTOARCHIVE...
    The AutoArchive dialog box appears.
    AutoArchive Dialog box

  4. To run AutoArchive, select Run Auto Archive every

  5. To modify how often Outlook checks for items to be archived, in the Run AutoArchive every text box, type or use the nudge buttons to indicate the appropriate number of days

  6. To receive a prompt before Outlook AutoArchives any items, select Prompt before AutoArchive runs

  7. To set Outlook to delete expired items, select Delete expired items (e-mail folders only) 
    WARNING: The items will be permanently deleted, not archived.

  8. Under Default folder settings for archiving, in the Clean out items older than text boxes, set the age of the items you want archived

  9. In the Move old items to text box, type the file location
    RECOMMENDED: H:\Config\Outlook\archive.pst
    To select the location, click BROWSE...
    To set AutoArchive to delete the items, select Permanently delete old items

  10. Click OK

  11. Click OK

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