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Microsoft Office 2008

Importing Clip Art from the Web

Importing images from the Web is one way to enhance your clip art collection. The following instructions explain how to import clip art from the Web into the Microsoft Clip Organizer. Once it is saved, this clip art can be accessed and used at any time from the Microsoft Clip Organizer. You may also insert clip art from the server, which is the network your computer is linked to, and which may contain additional clip art files that can only be accessed through the network. This is different from importing clip art from the Web.

  1. From the Insert menu » select Picture » Clip Art...
    The Clip Gallery dialog box appears.
    Clip Gallery dialog box

  2. At the bottom of the Clip Gallery dialog box, click ONLINE...
    The Microsoft Office Clip Art and Media Home Page appears in your default web browser.

  3. In the Search text box, type keywords related to the desired type of clip art
    Search text box

  4. From the Search pull-down menu, select the desired type of search to be performed
    The search results appear.
    Search pull-down menu

  5. Select the check box(es) below the clip art you want to download
    With each image selected, the toolbar is updated with the number of items selected.Clip Art toolbar

  6. To view the previous or next page of images, on the top right, click the arrows

  7. In the toolbar, click DOWNLOAD # ITEM(S)
    If the ActiveX control for Microsoft Office Online is not currently installed on your computer, the web application will automatically download and install it.
    1. Once the Active X control is successfully installed, click CONTINUE
      The Microsoft Service Agreement page appears.

  8. Click ACCEPT
    The Download page appears.

  9. To download the item(s), click DOWNLOAD NOW
    NOTE: When the clip art is downloaded, by default, the clip art is automatically saved in the
    My Pictures\Microsoft Clip Organizer folder on your computer.

  10. On the Dock, in the Downloads folder, double-click the clip art file
    The Clip Art Gallery dialog box will appear with the new clip art added in the appropriate collection based on pre-determined keywords.
    For information on inserting clip art, refer to Using Clip Art.

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