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Microsoft Office 2003

Overview of Clip Art

A picture is worth a thousand words. However, sometimes when you are developing documents you do not have the time to create custom graphics or pictures. This is when Clip Art comes in handy. This collection of drawings, pictures, and graphics includes pieces of Clip Art for any creation.

Clip Art is stored in two locations: on the campus network and on the Web. For more information on accessing Clip Art on the campus network, refer to Importing Clip Art from the Office 2003 Server. For more information on accessing Clip Art on the Web, refer to Importing Clip Art from the Web.

After you choose the source of your Clip Art, finding the appropriate piece is easy. The Clip Art Gallery can be searched using keywords or you can browse through Clip Art grouped into categories (e.g., Animals, Buildings, Food). For more information on using Clip Art, refer to Using Clip Art.

Once the Clip Art is inserted into the document, it can be manipulated using common Office 2003 features. The remainder of this document discusses the features available to modify Clip Art.

return to topCommon Toolbar Buttons

Depending on the Office program, you will be using either the Drawing or Picture toolbar to modify Clip Art. Not all the options on these toolbars appear in all Office programs. The following is a list of common toolbar buttons and their functions.

HINT: If you are unsure of the function of a toolbar button not listed here, simply hold your mouse pointer over the button (without clicking) and a tool tip will appear.

Button Name Function
selection tool button Select Selects any object or placeholder
Insert Picture button Insert Picture Inserts a picture from a file
more contrast button More Contrast Makes dark colors darker and light colors lighter
less contrast button Less Contrast Makes dark colors lighter and light colors darker
more brightness button More Brightness Makes all colors lighter
less brightness button Less Brightness Makes all colors darker
crop tool button Crop Tool Crops an image (cuts out unneeded areas)
line style tool button Line Style Selects a border style and thickness
set transparent color button Set Transparent Color Makes certain areas of a picture transparent
text tool Text Tool Adds text to images
text box button Text Box Creates a text box
reset picture button Restore Restores the picture to its original form
Auto Thumbnail button Auto Thumbnail Creates a thumbnail of the selected picture
Position Absolutely button Position Absolutely Holds a graphic in position when other elements on the page are moved
Bring Forward button Bring Forward Brings an object to the front of a group of objects
Send Backward button Send Backward Brings an object to the back of a group of objects
Rotate Left button Rotate Left Rotates an object 90 degrees counterclockwise
Rotate Right button Rotate Right Rotates an object 90 degrees clockwise
Flip Horizontal button Flip Horizontal Flips an object along a horizontal axis
Flip Vertical button Flip Vertical Flips an object along a vertical axis
Color button Color Changes the color of an object
Bevel button Bevel Creates a raised edge around an object
Resample button Resample Sharpens an object after it has been resized
Rectangular Hotspot button Rectangular Hotspot Creates a rectangular clickable area on an image
Circular Hotspot button Circular Hotspot Creates a circular clickable area on an image
Polygonal Hotspot button Polygon Hotspot Creates a polygonal clickable area on an image
Highlight Hotspots button Highlight Hotspots Displays only hotspots, not the image the hotspots are applied to
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