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Microsoft Office 2003

Office Drawing Toolbar

Using the Office drawing tools is an easy way to enhance any document. Whether you are adding color to text or adding shapes and 3-D effects, the Office drawing tools make it easy for any user. This document gives instructions on how to access the Drawing toolbar and defines the toolbar options available in Office 2003.

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The View menu gives the option of viewing any toolbar for your particular needs.

  1. From the View menu, select Toolbars » Drawing
    The Drawing toolbar appears at the bottom of the screen.

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With Office's drawing tools, you can draw shapes, add color to text or backgrounds, add Clip Art, shading, and 3-D effects to enhance any project. Located along the bottom of the window is a set of drawing tools on the Drawing toolbar. You can move the toolbar or have it be a free-floating window depending on your needs.

The following table shows the Drawing toolbar options and their uses.

Drawing toolbar
Icon Tool Name Use
Draw button Draw Access a submenu to manipulate shapes and text boxes
Selection Tool button Select Objects Select any object or placeholder
Auto Shape button AutoShapes Access a submenu of readymade shapes
Line button Line Draw a single straight line
Arrow button Arrow Draw an arrow which can be modified using the FORMATTING button
Rectangle button Rectangle Draws boxes or rectangles
Oval button Oval Draws ovals and circles
Text button Text Box Enter text in a text box
Insert Word Art button Insert WordArt Insert pre-formatted, stylized text. For more information, see Using WordArt.
Insert Diagram or Organization Chart Insert Diagram or Organization Chart Insert a diagram or organization chart
Insert ClipArt button Insert Clip Art Opens Insert ClipArt task pane for you to select Clip Art
Insert Picture from File Insert Picture from File Insert an image stored on a disk.
Fill Color button Fill Color Apply color from edge to edge of a selected shape
Line Color button Line Color Apply color to a selected line or border
Font color button Font Color Apply color to selected text
line style Line Style Choose a style (thickness) for a selected line or border
dash style Dash Style Choose a dash style for a selected line or border
arrow style Arrow Style Modify the style (arrow head, direction) of a selected arrow
Shadow button Shadow Style Choose a shadow style for selected text, shape, or object
3-D button 3-D Style Choose a 3-D effect for a selected shape
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