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Microsoft Office 2003

Using ScreenTips

ScreenTips show information about toolbar buttons and menu commands viewed on the screen. ScreenTips are helpful if you are unsure about the function of a specific command or button. This mouseover function allows you to view a brief description of the function of any button on a toolbar. You can also configure Office 2003 to show you keyboard shortcuts within ScreenTips.

return to topActivating ScreenTips

  1. From the Tools menu, select Customize...
    The Customize dialog box appears.

  2. Select the Options tab

  3. In the Other section, select Show ScreenTips on toolbars

  4. OPTIONAL: To display keyboard shortcuts in ScreenTips, select Show shortcut keys in ScreenTips

  5. Click CLOSE
    The ScreenTips function for toolbar buttons is now activated.

return to topViewing ScreenTips

  1. Hold the cursor over any toolbar button
    The ScreenTips appear for the selected button.
    ScreenTips for Bold button on toolbar
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