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Macintosh OS X

Keyboard and Mouse Options

This page will explain how to use the various keyboard and mouse options that make using Macintosh OS X more convenient and more efficient.

return to topThe Open Apple [command] Key

You can use the Open Apple [command] key in combination with other keys to perform shortcuts that allow you to bypass using the menu bar options and thus, save time. Here are some examples of common shortcuts:

Many of these shortcuts remain the same from one application program to another, but some programs incorporate additional keyboard shortcuts. Learning these shortcuts will help you accomplish computer tasks more easily and efficiently.

return to topThe Right Click [control] Options

If your mouse does not have two buttons, you still have access to the Quick menus.

  1. While holding down the [control] key, click once on the item
    The Quick menu options for that item will appear.

  2. Use the mouse to scroll through and select a Quick menu option

return to topKey Caps

Mac OS X offers a Key Caps option that helps you determine what key combination you should use to produce a particular symbol or text. Selecting Key Caps will bring up a graphical representation of the keyboard. When you press [option], [shift], or both of them at once, the keyboard will display what characters are available when those keys are pressed.

Key Caps also allows you to select different fonts. For additional information about fonts in Mac OS X, see Fonts Overview.

  1. To open Key Caps, from your hard drive window, double click APPLICATIONS » UTILITIES » KEY CAPS
    Key Caps window

  2. From the Font menu, select the desired font
    NOTE: This feature is especially helpful for viewing characters in a symbol font.

  3. Click the desired key
    That character appears in the sample text box above the keyboard graphic.

  4. Copy and paste the character into your document (see Copying, Cutting, and Pasting)

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