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Adobe InDesign CS3

Working with Inline Graphics

There are two ways to insert graphics into text in InDesign: independent or inline. Inline graphics become part of the text block in which they are placed. As you edit the text, the graphic retains its same position relative to the text, which wraps itself around the graphic. The graphic will change position on the page (or may even change text frames) as the text is edited. Inline graphics are appropriate for documentation and reports where the graphic must accompany specific text. Below is an example of an inline graphic within a text frame.

Inline Graphic

Graphics can be cropped, sized, rotated, and moved in InDesign, but no changes can be made to the graphic itself; that must be done in a graphics editing program such as Adobe Photoshop.

return to topPlacing an Inline Graphic

How you place a graphic is initially determined by your choice of either the Selection Tool or the Type Tool. Inline graphics are placed by using the Type Tool. Before you can place an inline graphic, a text frame must be created. For information on text frames, refer to Creating Text.

  1. From the Toolbox, click the TYPE TOOLType Tool icon

  2. In the desired text frame, set the insertion point where you want the image to appear

  3. From the File menu, select Place...
    The Place dialog box appears.
    Place dialog box

  4. Using the Look in pull-down list, navigate to and select the image file you want to insert

  5. Click OPEN
    The image is placed in the text frame.

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Inline graphics are confined to the boundary or baseline of the line of text they sit on, so only minor changes in placement are possible.
NOTE: This method only allows you to move graphics vertically. In order to move your graphic horizontally, you will need to cut and paste the graphic to its new position within your text.

  1. From the Toolbox, click the SELECTION TOOLSelection Tool icon

  2. Click and hold the mouse on the graphic

  3. Drag the image up or down until it is in the desired position

  4. When the image is properly placed, release the mouse button

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