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Adobe InDesign CS3

Adding Corner Effects

Adobe InDesign CS3 allows you to round, inset, or add other effects to the corners of objects (e.g., images or text frames). Applying a corner effect to an object will change all of the corners of the object. If an object's corner point is moved, the effect automatically changes the angles.

  1. From the Toolbox, select the Selection ToolSelection tool

  2. Select an object in which you want to apply corner effects

  3. From the Object menu, select Corner Options...
    The Corner Options dialog box appears.
    Corner Options dialog box

  4. From the Effect pull-down list, select a corner effect
    The following table shows all of the standard corner effects with a size of 2p0 (i.e., 2 picas and 0 points).
    One pica is approximately 1/6 of an inch

    Effect Example
    None No corner effect
    Fancy Fancy corner effect
    Bevel Bevel corner effect
    Inset Inset corner effect
    Inverse Rounded Inverse Rounded corner effect
    Rounded Rounded corner effect

  5. In the Size text box, type a size for the corner effect
    NOTE: The size indicates the distance from the corner that the effect extends

  6. To see the corner effect before applying it, select Preview
    NOTE: A checkmark appears in the box when it is selected.

  7. Click OK

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