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HTML Coding

Pull-Down Menus, Scrolling Lists, and Multi-Line Fields

Note: The HTML pages are out-of-date and will not be updated.

In addition to the input field options for forms, you can also increase the functionality of your form through:

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Pull-down menus are great tools to use when you want users to respond with one specific answer.

Pull-Down Menu Example
Select a fruit:

Pull-Down Menu Code
<B>Select a fruit:</B> <BR>
<OPTION> Bananas
<OPTION> Oranges

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Scrolling lists are used when there are multiple answers to be selected from. This code is similar to the Pull-down menu code with the addition of the SIZE and MULTIPLE attributes. The SIZE attribute controls how many items are shown at one time in the display window. The user selects multiple items by using shift- , control- or command- click combinations.

Scrolling List Example
Select some fruit:

Scrolling List Code
<B>Select some fruit:</B> <BR>
<OPTION> Bananas
<OPTION> Oranges
<OPTION> Watermelon
<OPTION> Cantaloupe
<OPTION> Strawberries

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Many web publishers like to receive comments on their web pages. Text boxes with multiple lines are a good way to get detailed responses from users. Their responses do not need to be limited to one line, as it would be with a simple text field.

Multi-Lined Field Example
What are your ideas?

Multi-Lined Field Code
<B>What are your ideas?</B> <BR>
<TEXTAREA NAME="Comments" ROWS="5" COLS="100"> Comments: </TEXTAREA>

The number of rows and columns can be adjusted to fit your web page as needed. Any title you want to put on the text box should go before the <TEXTAREA> tag (as "What are your ideas?" does in the example). If there is text that you want in the text box, type it between the <TEXTAREA> and </TEXTAREA> tags (as "Comments:" is in the example). This text can be deleted by the web page user, although it will reappear each time the page is opened.

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