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Microsoft FrontPage 2003

Creating a Web Site

Microsoft FrontPage has a feature that allows you to create a web site in which you can organize and design your web pages. By creating a FrontPage web site for your web pages, you will be able to take advantage of FrontPage site maintenance features. The following instructions will explain this process.

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These steps establish a site, an initial file structure, and the first page of your web site.

  1. From the File menu, select New...
    The New task pane appears.

  2. Under New Web site, select the desired type of web site
    HINT: It is recom
    mended to select One Page Web Site...
    The Web Site Templates dialog box appears.
    Website Templates

  3. On the General tab, make your selection
    NOTE: It is recommended that you select One Page Web site.

  4. Under Options, from the Specify the location for your new Web site pull-down, select the location for the web site
    To select a location not listed,
    1. Click BROWSE...
      The New Web Site Location dialog box appears.
    2. Using the Look in pull-down menu, select a location for your web site
    3. Click OPEN
      NOTE: If this is a personal web site, it is recommended to select H:\\My Webs for the location of your new web site.

  5. Click OK
    A Folder List appears showing folders needed in your web site.
    Website Folder List

  6. Under the Folder List, double click INDEX.HTM
    The Index page appears for you to begin working on your web site.

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Once you have created a web site, it is recommended that you open the web site before working with the files or before adding new pages. When you open a site in Microsoft FrontPage, you do not open a single folder, rather you open a web site folder that contains all the files for your site.

  1. From the File menu, select Open Site...

  2. Using the Look in pull-down list, locate the web site that you want to open

  3. Click OPEN
    If you open a web site or folder that was not created using Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003, you will be prompted to make the site a FrontPage site.
    If you already have a web site open, each subsequent Web site will open in a new FrontPage window.

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