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Microsoft FrontPage 2003

Linking to Internet Resources

When working with links in FrontPage, it is often necessary to link to two different kinds of sources: pages in your collection and external pages on the Web. You can enhance the information on your web page by creating absolute links to other pages on the Web containing related information. Absolute links contain http:// (domain) information. For information on creating internal or relative links, refer to Linking to Pages in Your Collection.

Incorporating links to other pages on the Web offers unlimited possibilities for enhancing and expanding the information you are making available to your page viewers. For information on maintaining the links on your web pages, refer to Testing & Maintaining Links.

  1. Select the text or image to be linked
    NOTE: When turning text into a link, choose the text wisely; the text should be relevant to the link it represents, making your pages and links more accessible for all users.

  2. From the Insert menu, select Hyperlink...
    On the Standard toolbar, click INSERT HYPERLINKInsert Hyperlink button
    The Insert Hyperlink dialog box appears.
    Insert Hyperlink dialog box

  3. In the Address text box, type the complete URL
    NOTE: Many web servers are case-sensitive. The UW-Eau Claire web server, however, is not case-sensitive.

  4. Click OK
    The link is created.

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